2014 Pictures of the Day

Well, it's a new year, but I've yet to post anything. That's fine, though. It's been a busy 2015, especially January. I'm still keeping on keeping on with the Pictures of the Day, though! I've finally uploaded all the rest of them from December of 2014, which you can see here. And here's a slideshow of them: Also, that means I've finished out last year. If you want to relive the year through my eyes, have a look here or at this slideshow (I'll give you a preview: near the end of March, Read more [...]

Make Me A German

Ah, Blogtoberfest is fun, isn't it? In case you want something to kill a bit more time, the last two entries I wrote were a post about an edible flower on Costa Rica Outsider and a review of Once Upon A Time In The West on Cinematic Attic. Now for today's post. I recently came across this BBC documentary called Make Me A German: Although it's not about artificially creating humans from car parts and sausage casings (unfortunately), it is very interesting. I watched it this afternoon and I've Read more [...]


We're now a full week into Blogtoberfest, and I'm happy that I've gotten a post done every day (yesterday's was a post reviewing the 1983 movie WarGames on Cinematic Attic, another site I run). Today's won't be long, but it's something close to my heart. Well, maybe not close to my heart, but at least close to another part of my anatomy. I'm talking about bidets. As a note to my Costa Rican readers, you're not supposed to pronounce the "t." Same goes for buffet, filet, valet, chalet, and Chevrolet. Read more [...]

April 2014 Pictures of the Day

As usual, I'm fairly behind on posting my Pictures of the Day. But at least I've still not been behind on taking them over the last three years--that's the important part! Anyhow, here are April's Pictures of the Day. You may have heard that we got a baby? No? Well then, let me just share a few hundred pictures with you! Or how about we just start with 30? If you can't see the slideshow, you can see the whole set here, or my latest pictures on flickr here. Thanks for checking them out, and Read more [...]

January 2014 Pictures of the Day

Well, February's almost over, so you know what that means: It's time for me to bust a move and finally post my January Pictures of the Day. Here's a slideshow, but if you can't see it, you can also go to the set on flickr. Thanks for reading and looking--have a good day! Read more [...]

Xiongmao: Snake Hunter

While I was showering the other morning, Angela called in to me and said that I should be extra nice to our cat Xiongmao because he had killed a snake. I don't like to hear or even think about snakes, especially not when I'm naked, but this intrigued me. After making sure Xiongmao was OK (and finishing my shower), I went to our front door, where Angela showed me this: Yep, that's a snake! We didn't know if it was still alive, actually, but judging by the strange kinks in its body, we reckoned Read more [...]