Our Cat Boner

Our cat Boner died a few weeks ago. I'd been meaning to put up some pictures of him. He was a good cat. He wasn't always the "fun" or "sociable" cat, but he was consistently good and got along with our other two cats. He was kind of the peacemaker. Unfortunately, something attacked him one night, and he died later the next day, even though it had seemed like he was getting better. Poor little guy. Anyhow, thanks for indulging me and checking these out. Thanks Read more [...]

Xiongmao: Snake Hunter

While I was showering the other morning, Angela called in to me and said that I should be extra nice to our cat Xiongmao because he had killed a snake. I don't like to hear or even think about snakes, especially not when I'm naked, but this intrigued me. After making sure Xiongmao was OK (and finishing my shower), I went to our front door, where Angela showed me this: Yep, that's a snake! We didn't know if it was still alive, actually, but judging by the strange kinks in its body, we reckoned Read more [...]

Some Flaky Puns

We ran out of cat food last night and there's obviously nowhere in Berlin that sells it. What to do, what to do? I wonder if cats eat cereal?They do! Or at least Chubby does!In fact, he turned out to be a veritable cereal killer!No? Too corny? Too flaky? Was that pun a catastrophe? I myself thought it was purrfect!A pun you could really sink your teeth into.I chuckled so much that now I'm feline fine!Just try to stop meow!Only don't be catty--there's no claws in the blogger contract that Read more [...]

Didn’t Prince Write A Song About This?

The other day I got scratched up pretty badly by Boner, our evil backup cat:Unfortunately I only found out after the fact that I could have scientifically predicted this attack. Check this page titled "How to tell if you cat is plotting to kill you." It even has a little quiz that you can take to verify the results:I came through this alive, but I was lucky. Don't let it happen to you! Read more [...]

My Cheesiest Post Title Ever: "Against Me-ow!"

I know that this song and album by Against Me! came out over a year ago, but I'm still enjoying the album and I was listening to it when I cut the grass today:I really like the album but some of the band's older, more-hardcore fans certainly don't. But nevertheless, the song's about growing up, which all of us have to do eventually. So after I got done cutting the grass I was sweating like mad, so I sat on the porch with our backup cat Boner. We both seemed exhausted, but at least we were able to Read more [...]