Our Cat Boner

Our cat Boner died a few weeks ago. I'd been meaning to put up some pictures of him. He was a good cat. He wasn't always the "fun" or "sociable" cat, but he was consistently good and got along with our other two cats. He was kind of the peacemaker. Unfortunately, something attacked him one night, and he died later the next day, even though it had seemed like he was getting better. Poor little guy. Anyhow, thanks for indulging me and checking these out. Thanks Read more [...]

Xiongmao: Snake Hunter

While I was showering the other morning, Angela called in to me and said that I should be extra nice to our cat Xiongmao because he had killed a snake. I don't like to hear or even think about snakes, especially not when I'm naked, but this intrigued me. After making sure Xiongmao was OK (and finishing my shower), I went to our front door, where Angela showed me this: Yep, that's a snake! We didn't know if it was still alive, actually, but judging by the strange kinks in its body, we reckoned Read more [...]