“Denver International Airport” is an Anagram for “In An Introverted Proletarian”!!

I GUESS it could look like a swastika, but I’m just not seeing the penis.
I came across this interesting page the other day when I was reading Gizmodo. It’s called “Proof That Denver Airport is one of the Most Evil Places on Earth.” With a name like that one would almost expect traveler horror stories, but instead it’s got quite a few videos about conspiracy theories related to DIA. It’s a good way to kill some time on a lazy summer weekend (if it’s summer where you are).
Personally, I’ve always liked DIA. In fact, my friend Mike and I once spent the night there while in high school, just for fun (Note: those freaking security advisories and “Warning! Moving walkway is coming to an end; please watch your step!” announcements keep going all damn night long). All of which makes me realize that we must have been pretty starved for fun in high school.
Anyhow, one video talks about how the airport is full of phallic symbols, another talks about the evil blue horse statue with glowing red eyes (although that one is pretty well based on the truth), and there’s also a great one with Jesse “The Body” Ventura investigating Masonic and New World Order connections to DIA. Yet another one talks about the “secret” tunnel to Concourse A, which helps travelers avoid long security lines (another point for truth).
Still, these videos are worth checking out if only for the entertainment factor they offer. Then again, if these and some of the other sites are correct, come December 21, 2012, we’ll all look like dumbasses if we get caught outside during the apocalyptic solar flare that starts the New World Order, while all our government leaders are safe and warm inside their deep underground base below DIA.

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  2. I know, Paul, but I can’t just bow to popular pressure. What’s popular isn’t always right, and what’s right isn’t always popular, so you’ll just have to draw on your computer screen with glitter markers if you want the glitter effect mouse pointer.

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