Camping in a Van Down by the River

Yesterday I came across this video featuring the 2018 Volkswagen California camper van. Just check it out:

I’m usually not even an enthusiastic car guy, let alone van guy, but this video enchanted me for some reason. It’s just so cool to see how it transforms from a vehicle into a little camping home, complete with “rooms,” a kitchen, and even an outdoor patio, if you will.

It’s great to see how VW has hidden all kinds of cool features and gadgets throughout the van, including the outdoor table and chairs. As the guy says at 11:00, “This is fantastic. I love this kind of crap.” I really feel that.

As he mentions in the video, though, the California won’t actually be sold in America, and it doesn’t sound like it ever will be.

I guess the rest of us can keep dreaming of driving our VW camper vans up and down the west coast, all the way from Alaska in the summer to Baja in the winter, while we spend our days surfing, eating fish tacos, and playing the guitar with Chris Isaak.

And if that doesn’t work out, at least we can get this (admittedly awesome) LEGO version of the VW camper van from times gone by:

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