The DIA Conspiracies Continue!

A picture I took of DIA’s main terminal in 2010. I was sitting in a taxiing plane. No matter what you think about it, you have to admit that it’s a pretty distinctive-looking airport.

You may not know it, but Denver International Airport is a hotbed of conspiracy theories. I mentioned this in a post about seven years ago, and it’s come up again recently.

Apparently they’re renovating the “Great Hall,” aka the main terminal of the airport, so they’ve put up lots of walls with some interesting signs on them. For example:

If you go to the address listed there ( it actually takes you to DIA’s official page. There’s a link on the right on the menu bar to the actual DEN Files site, or you can just click here. And you really should–it’s wonderful!

The Great Hall, in 2012. This is the part they’re renovating. Sorry I didn’t happen to get a better picture then, but at least you can see the inside of the canvas roof.

On that page they break down all of the most common DIA conspiracy theories, such as the evil blue horse, the New World Order connections, and the underground tunnels for the lizard people. I’ll say it again: you need to check out this page if you have any interest in DIA, traveling, and/or conspiracy theories.

It also has pictures of the other signs that they’re putting up during the construction. I think this one is my favorite:

I love how the people at DIA are able to laugh at these theories and have some fun with them. In fact, it’s apparently been part of their marketing strategy ever since they got a CEO who decided to take the idea of conspiracy theories and run with it.

It’s cool that they’re not taking themselves too seriously, and that even they know that people think their murals are weird or, even weirder, forecasts for the apocalypse–although I think they’re cool!

Seeing as we fly in to DIA at least twice a year, I think it’s almost all good that they’re going to be doing this construction work. The Great Hall was nice about 10 or 20 years ago, but it started to go downhill a bit when they got rid of the fountain in the middle of the hall. That was a shame–everyone likes a fountain!

And I say that it’s almost all good because it looks like they’re going to be closing the Panda Express in the terminal. I’d like to think they’re doing it for business reasons, but now I’m starting to wonder if it’s just another conspiracy.

How about you? What do you think about DIA, its artwork, or the renovation of the Great Hall? Am I the only one out there who misses the fountain?

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