Make Me A German

Ah, Blogtoberfest is fun, isn't it? In case you want something to kill a bit more time, the last two entries I wrote were a post about an edible flower on Costa Rica Outsider and a review of Once Upon A Time In The West on Cinematic Attic. Now for today's post. I recently came across this BBC documentary called Make Me A German: Although it's not about artificially creating humans from car parts and sausage casings (unfortunately), it is very interesting. I watched it this afternoon and I've Read more [...]


I'm going to talk about soccer for about 1500 words now: Let's Get Under There This World Cup has been great--I've not watched a single minute of it, and I've had an excellent past month. I must admit that I have watched some games in the past, though. In 2006 I was actually in Germany during the time of the World Cup, and I watched some games in Biergartens and cheered along with everyone else. But this time around, as well as in 2010, I just couldn't seem to muster up any enthusiasm whatsoever. Read more [...]