2016 South America Trip – Argentina

Here are a few more pictures and anecdotes from the Argentina leg of our recent trip to South America. If you're looking for good pictures, though, then you should check out Paul's pictures from the trip. He also went to many more places than we did, and he is a much better photographer. So check out his Flickr albums here. Then when you're done, you can come back to see my Argentina pictures. Although I should really say the "Buenos Aires" leg of that trip, since that's the only part of Argentina Read more [...]

It’s Hard Out There For A Sign

We were recently in South America (more pictures soon, probably), and one of the places we visited was Buenos Aires. It was actually the third time I'd been there, so a few of the things we saw were "repeats," if you will. Anyhow, when I got back I was looking back at my pictures and I saw this one of a random parking lot in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires: I wondered why I'd felt the need to shoot that particular picture because it's pretty pointless and there's nothing going Read more [...]


We're now a full week into Blogtoberfest, and I'm happy that I've gotten a post done every day (yesterday's was a post reviewing the 1983 movie WarGames on Cinematic Attic, another site I run). Today's won't be long, but it's something close to my heart. Well, maybe not close to my heart, but at least close to another part of my anatomy. I'm talking about bidets. As a note to my Costa Rican readers, you're not supposed to pronounce the "t." Same goes for buffet, filet, valet, chalet, and Chevrolet. Read more [...]


I'm going to talk about soccer for about 1500 words now: Let's Get Under There This World Cup has been great--I've not watched a single minute of it, and I've had an excellent past month. I must admit that I have watched some games in the past, though. In 2006 I was actually in Germany during the time of the World Cup, and I watched some games in Biergartens and cheered along with everyone else. But this time around, as well as in 2010, I just couldn't seem to muster up any enthusiasm whatsoever. Read more [...]