2016 South America Trip – Rio de Janeiro

To be honest, I was never that really interested in going to Rio or anywhere in Brazil. Sure, Angela and I had taken a few years of Portuguese classes, but that was because our boss was afraid the Portuguese teacher would leave, so he made all of us English teachers learn the basics of the language in case she left. But I'd already been to a Portuguese speaking country (Portugal), as well as other South American countries whose cultural interests I thought were more in line with my own. I Read more [...]

2016 South America Trip – Argentina

Here are a few more pictures and anecdotes from the Argentina leg of our recent trip to South America. If you're looking for good pictures, though, then you should check out Paul's pictures from the trip. He also went to many more places than we did, and he is a much better photographer. So check out his Flickr albums here. Then when you're done, you can come back to see my Argentina pictures. Although I should really say the "Buenos Aires" leg of that trip, since that's the only part of Argentina Read more [...]

2016 South America Trip – Uruguay

Last month we took a two-week trip to South America. When taking a trip like this back in the day, I'd usually write up some kind of short stories or at least upload some cool pictures, but the truth is I'm a bit rusty with this whole blogging thing. I've been writing quite a few posts for FluentU, but that's a whole different thing, and I've definitely gotten out of the habit of blogging as it relates to my personal life and traveling. In any case, we've barely traveled in the nearly two years Read more [...]

2014 Pictures of the Day

Well, it's a new year, but I've yet to post anything. That's fine, though. It's been a busy 2015, especially January. I'm still keeping on keeping on with the Pictures of the Day, though! I've finally uploaded all the rest of them from December of 2014, which you can see here. And here's a slideshow of them: Also, that means I've finished out last year. If you want to relive the year through my eyes, have a look here or at this slideshow (I'll give you a preview: near the end of March, Read more [...]

August 2014 Pictures of the Day

Well, since Blogtoberfest is in full swing, that means that Oktober is, too, and that only means one thing to me: It's about time I finally got my August Pictures of the Day up! I've still got to do most of September, but I'm hoping to get that finished before December. In any case, here's a slideshow of August's Pictures of the Day. If you can't see it for some reason, you can also see them here. I hope there was something in there you liked! Thanks for reading and looking! Read more [...]

Wow, How Motivational!

Hey everyone--I hope your Blogtoberfest is going great! Tonight I thought I'd share a few pictures that I've taken in the last few years. But they're special pictures because they also have quotes on them. Correct: not unlike the types of pictures and quotes you might find hanging on a wall above the water cooler in some of the most successful businesses in the world! In the last year or so I've been doing Quotes of the Day in my English and German classes, and I had been posting some of Read more [...]

July 2014 Pictures of the Day

Hey! It's almost halfway through August, so I should finally post my Pictures of the Day from July. As usual of late, a lot of them are of Will, but it's OK, see, because he's cute. Anyhow, here they are in random order, and I hope you like something in there: If the slideshow doesn't work, you can also see the rest of them here. Thanks for reading and looking, and have a good rest of August! Read more [...]