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Paul Theroux Quote Tourists don't know where they've been travelers don't know where they're going

I took this picture at Juan Santamaria International Airport here in Costa Rica. Although most of the airport is elevated about one story above ground, there’s a weird section with two gates that are at ground level, and you can get a really cool view of planes, maintenance crews, and takeoffs. The quote is also great–Paul Theroux is awesome.

Hey everyone–I hope your Blogtoberfest is going great! Tonight I thought I’d share a few pictures that I’ve taken in the last few years. But they’re special pictures because they also have quotes on them. Correct: not unlike the types of pictures and quotes you might find hanging on a wall above the water cooler in some of the most successful businesses in the world!

Walt Disney quote with my picture

This is the first one of these picture quotes I did and I was really happy with the combo. I took the picture in 2011 (I think) on a trip to Walt Disney World. That’s the big ball at EPCOT Center.

In the last year or so I’ve been doing Quotes of the Day in my English and German classes, and I had been posting some of them to Sitzman ABC’s Facebook page. I would try to search for a version of the quote with some kind of picture before posting them, but some of the pictures were crappy or had huge watermarks for a website. I quickly realized that yet one more could play at that game: “What the heck,” I thought, “why not slap some of those quotes on my favorite pictures?” And so I did.

Denis Waitley Quote the greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence

I don’t know who Denis Waitley is, but I used this quote on Independence Day since it had the word “independence” in it. I chose the picture because of the reference to wings in the quote. I took it during a wonderfully late (around 7:30 am!) sunrise in La Habana.

Zitat Laozi - Auch eine Reise von Tausen Meilen beginnt mit einem Schritt

To quote another famous poet (Beck): “No sprechen Sie Deutsch hey baby?” Well, I DO sprechen Sie Deutsch, so I used this one in class last week.

Anyhow, if you happen to like them, feel free to pass them on. And if you have any good suggestions for quotes, I’m all ears.

Stephen Covey Quote Too Much Time Urgent Important

Cheesy juxtaposition of Covey and a rose, I know. But the rose is nice, and the rose plant is actually still in our front yard.

Zig Ziglar Attitude Quote

I think I took this on a flight from Houston or Dallas to Denver a few years ago. I forget the exact trajectory, but I do remember being a bit disappointed to think that I took it while flying over Texas.

Thanks for reading and checking them out!

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