2014 Pictures of the Day

Well, it's a new year, but I've yet to post anything. That's fine, though. It's been a busy 2015, especially January. I'm still keeping on keeping on with the Pictures of the Day, though! I've finally uploaded all the rest of them from December of 2014, which you can see here. And here's a slideshow of them: Also, that means I've finished out last year. If you want to relive the year through my eyes, have a look here or at this slideshow (I'll give you a preview: near the end of March, Read more [...]

August 2014 Pictures of the Day

Well, since Blogtoberfest is in full swing, that means that Oktober is, too, and that only means one thing to me: It's about time I finally got my August Pictures of the Day up! I've still got to do most of September, but I'm hoping to get that finished before December. In any case, here's a slideshow of August's Pictures of the Day. If you can't see it for some reason, you can also see them here. I hope there was something in there you liked! Thanks for reading and looking! Read more [...]

July 2014 Pictures of the Day

Hey! It's almost halfway through August, so I should finally post my Pictures of the Day from July. As usual of late, a lot of them are of Will, but it's OK, see, because he's cute. Anyhow, here they are in random order, and I hope you like something in there: If the slideshow doesn't work, you can also see the rest of them here. Thanks for reading and looking, and have a good rest of August! Read more [...]

May 2014 Pictures of the Day

Hi everyone! Here are my Pictures of the Day. As can maybe be expected, most of them are of our baby. But that's OK. I don't feel like I'm taking too many pictures of him or anything. Actually, I think it's helping me enjoy having a baby even more, since I get to find new ways to interact with him (and to get pictures in the process, of course). Plus, with digital cameras, it's great that you don't have to pay for film, like in days of yore. I know my parents took a "lot" of pictures of me when Read more [...]

March 2014 Pictures of the Day

I've been posting a lot of pictures of Will here lately, so you've already seen some of my favorite pictures from March. Still, I want to keep up the monthly Pictures of the Day posts, so here's a slideshow with the rest of them from March: If you can't see that show or just want to see more picture, feel free to check them out in this set on my flickr page. Thanks for reading and checking them out. Have a good one! Read more [...]

February 2014 Pictures of the Day

Hey. You want to see some pictures? Here are my Pictures of the Day from February. You can also check out the set here if the slideshow isn't working. I really like them, although they're slightly less glamorous than January's Pictures of the Day. We stayed at home for basically all of February, but that's also nice, too! Anyhow, thanks for checking them out. Have a good one! Read more [...]