2016 South America Trip – Rio de Janeiro

To be honest, I was never that really interested in going to Rio or anywhere in Brazil. Sure, Angela and I had taken a few years of Portuguese classes, but that was because our boss was afraid the Portuguese teacher would leave, so he made all of us English teachers learn the basics of the language in case she left. But I'd already been to a Portuguese speaking country (Portugal), as well as other South American countries whose cultural interests I thought were more in line with my own. I Read more [...]

Ordem E Progresso

I started a Portuguese class this morning. I know, I know. On paper, it seems like a strange idea. Let's look at a few facts: 1. The class is at 8 AM. That's normally enough to activate my Sitzveto in and of itself, but to top it off, it's at 8 AM on a Saturday. 2. I already speak German and Spanish, and I can speak enough English to make a living based on that very ability. Plus I've already got a couple years of Swedish and about a year of Chinese under my belt. Instead of being crappy at Read more [...]