It’s Hard Out There For A Sign

Playa Sign

We were recently in South America (more pictures soon, probably), and one of the places we visited was Buenos Aires. It was actually the third time I’d been there, so a few of the things we saw were “repeats,” if you will.

Anyhow, when I got back I was looking back at my pictures and I saw this one of a random parking lot in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires:


In 2016

I wondered why I’d felt the need to shoot that particular picture because it’s pretty pointless and there’s nothing going on. But then I noticed the “Playa” sign, which is presumably for the parking lot (“playa” in Costa Rican Spanish means “beach,” but that obviously wouldn’t make sense in this context). I then remembered seeing it and thinking “play on, playa!” and it occurred to me that I’d thought the same thing and taken a similar picture on my trip there in 2006:


In 2006

And in fact, it’s the exact same place, only some parts of the building have been renovated or changed. Actually, that’s the thing that’s most interesting to me: that you can almost do one of those “find the differences” games from the newspaper with this, and you can probably find about 20 differences easily. I thought it was cool, and also weird that I’d be drawn to take essentially the same picture 10 years later, without even realizing it at first.

Thanks for reading and looking!

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