Make Me A German

Ah, Blogtoberfest is fun, isn't it? In case you want something to kill a bit more time, the last two entries I wrote were a post about an edible flower on Costa Rica Outsider and a review of Once Upon A Time In The West on Cinematic Attic. Now for today's post. I recently came across this BBC documentary called Make Me A German: Although it's not about artificially creating humans from car parts and sausage casings (unfortunately), it is very interesting. I watched it this afternoon and I've Read more [...]

A Brief Note To Black Friday: You Are Crap

By "you," I of course don't mean you, Dear Reader! I mean the very concept of Black Friday, which is so vulgarly capitalistic and basically just about crass commercialism. If it were any other day, I'd say discounts would be welcome, but not the deceptive kinds that many people are now associating with the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving--a holiday that is all about giving thanks and spending time with friends and family! Isn't that great? Well, it's not great for commerce, since you're not Read more [...]

What To Do When You Get An Election

Something tells me that's not his real name. Or the real date.Well, more than a week has passed since the election in the US. Whether you liked the result or not, it's over. Thank God. I know everyone wants to put all the campaigning, the onslaught of media coverage, and the relentless commercials out of their mind for as long as possible (4 years, ideally), but I had some thoughts to share. My ideas here aren't about the results, but the process. If you don't feel like reading them, that's fine, Read more [...]


A couple of weeks ago I shared an article about naming customs in Costa Rica. I had written it for my Sitzman ABC language learning blog, which is mainly directed at my students. However, many people who read Sitzblog seem interested in Costa Rican customs, so I shared it here.I've now finished the second half, and it's about naming customs in the U.S. Most of the people who read Sitzblog are in the U.S.; if that's you, it still may be interesting to read. Alternately, you can read through it and Read more [...]