Make Me A German

Ah, Blogtoberfest is fun, isn't it? In case you want something to kill a bit more time, the last two entries I wrote were a post about an edible flower on Costa Rica Outsider and a review of Once Upon A Time In The West on Cinematic Attic. Now for today's post. I recently came across this BBC documentary called Make Me A German: Although it's not about artificially creating humans from car parts and sausage casings (unfortunately), it is very interesting. I watched it this afternoon and I've Read more [...]

More Trip Pictures

I've finally finished uploading pictures from our October trip to Europe and New York City. The slideshow below has my favorites (hence its name), but there are quite a few more from each section of the trip, if you're interested. You can check them out by going right to flickr, or through the links after the slideshow. Here are the links to more pictures from the individual parts of our trip:IstanbulNorthern GermanyZürich and LiechtensteinMunich / OberhachingNew York CityI hope some of them are Read more [...]

What To Do When You Get An Election

Something tells me that's not his real name. Or the real date.Well, more than a week has passed since the election in the US. Whether you liked the result or not, it's over. Thank God. I know everyone wants to put all the campaigning, the onslaught of media coverage, and the relentless commercials out of their mind for as long as possible (4 years, ideally), but I had some thoughts to share. My ideas here aren't about the results, but the process. If you don't feel like reading them, that's fine, Read more [...]

The Dead Pants

I know I've mentioned Die Toten Hosen on this blog before (here's the post to prove it), but I wanted to put up a few of their videos because they're still one of my favorite bands in any language. Their name, as the title of this blog indicates, means "The Dead Pants," but "toten Hosen" can also mean that nothing's going on somewhere (maybe like "the boondocks" in English?).When I was looking around the internet doing "research" for this post, I also came across this. It's got a good general overview Read more [...]

Nice Weather…

When I was a kid, I think I must have seen a T-shirt, Happy Meal joke, billboard, or TV commercial that said, "Nice Weather... if you're a DUCK!"Because every time the weather gets as crappy as it's been the last few days, that phrase always pops into my mind. It's been raining so much it's hard to be motivated to do anything except sit around inside. I guess that's bad (and really boring and repetitive) for my Pictures of the Day, but it's probably just as well for Blogtoberfest!So for today's Read more [...]