6 Of My Favorite Prince Songs – And What They Mean To Me

Prince was an awesome musician and a superbly interesting person. He was one of my favorite musicians, in fact. Like the rest of the world, I was surprised and saddened to hear of his death last week. To remember him, I decided to talk about 6 of my favorite Prince songs. Notice that I didn't title this article "My 6 Favorite Prince Songs," but instead "6 Of My Favorite Prince Songs." That's because it's very hard to narrow them down to six, and depending on one's mood, certain songs resonate Read more [...]

Keeping The Faith

I've recently caught up with old episodes of the Stuck In The 80s podcast (which is very good, by the way, if you're at all interested in pop culture of the 1980s). Anyhow, when I got caught up, I decided to make a huge mix of about 1,000 80s songs on my ipod since I'd recently finished my grand A-Z listen and was feeling like my music listening was missing a theme. I was listening to that playlist the other day when Billy Joel's 1983 song "Keeping The Faith" came on. I'd heard it a lot and like Read more [...]

A To Z Song Project Done!

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I had different projects going on, and that one of them was to continue listening to all my songs from A-Z on iTunes. Well, I finally did it! I know, it's kind of a stupid project, but I only really did it when I was on my computer, since that's where iTunes is. Still, I started it on April 14, 2013 and finally finished it nearly a year and a half later. I also got to hear some good music while working, so it was a winning situation for me. I guess Read more [...]

“Elvis Week”

Yesterday (Monday) I was planning my English class, and I decided that we'd listen to Elvis' song Suspicious Minds, since I had once found a worksheet with the lyrics that also happened to talk about the passive voice, which is what we were studying. On a whim, below the date on the board I wrote "Elvis Week!" since I thought it would be cool to do another activity later in the week with Burning Love. One of my students asked me if Elvis Week was something that was an official holiday that people Read more [...]

For Your Consideration

My brother Paul recently worked on this music video by the group Train: Bruises (feat. Ashley Monroe) - Train from Khang Nguyen on Vimeo.He's a filmmaker, and he usually works with sound and general production. He said that for this video, he was a "Unit Production Manager." I asked him what that was, since I wasn't sure, and he said that he was in charge of securing crew, equipment, food, and permissions on a short notice. In any case, that sounds a bit more interesting than teaching the use of Read more [...]

A Real Meat Loaf / Meatloaf Monday!

It's Monday so of course like every Monday, it's also Meat Loaf Monday, where we on Sitzblog celebrate the music of Meat Loaf (even if we're not consistent enough to write a Meat Loaf Monday post every single Monday). However, we coincidentally got invited to dinner by our friends Dustin and Sam, and guess what they were serving: damn right! Meatloaf!So, to commemorate the event, I thought I'd share this classically weird Meat Loaf video for "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)," Read more [...]