A Combo Platter of “Don’t Leave Me This Way”

This evening there’s a lot of crying going on in our house. I don’t want to name names, so let’s just say it’s a certain one-year-old who lives with us.

In any case, I don’t have much time for writing so I’ll just leave you with a great song. But that’s not all—you can enjoy it by three different performers!

I’ll go in order from the least impressive to most impressive. Enjoy!

By The Communards

Alright, when I said “least impressive,” I was just referring to the performance of the song itself, not any wardrobe or fashion choices. If we’re going by clothing, the Communards might take the cake. I’d say the singer’s wearing mom jeans, but I don’t think those existed in Britain in the 80s. Does that mean they’re “mum trousers”?

And actually, I’m getting a strong Trainspotting vibe from this one. I know that movie took place in the 80s, so maybe the Communards were the inspiration for the casting director? The singer is about 90% Spud and 10% Mark, the guy with the walkie talkie looks like Sick Boy’s cousin, and the guy with the ‘stache and glasses is like a shaved, counterfeit Begbie.

This might actually be the most impressive after all. OK, scratch that, I’m starting out with the most impressive based on video, but reverse order for impressive song performance.

By Thelma Houston

Right in the middle in terms of video/wardrobe and song performance. The wardrobe is great and the people dancing in the club are, too, but it doesn’t have a ridiculous story like the Communards.

By Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes


This is the least impressive video because there’s no video. However, the song is amazing because it goes balls to the wall and does the double-length version.

Which one do you like best?

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