“Elvis Week”


Yesterday (Monday) I was planning my English class, and I decided that we’d listen to Elvis’ song Suspicious Minds, since I had once found a worksheet with the lyrics that also happened to talk about the passive voice, which is what we were studying. On a whim, below the date on the board I wrote “Elvis Week!” since I thought it would be cool to do another activity later in the week with Burning Love. One of my students asked me if Elvis Week was something that was an official holiday that people celebrated in the US. I said no, that it was just a joke that I had put up there since I like Elvis a lot, but that it didn’t actually exist.

Later that night, I was looking on Elvis.com for information about Elvis’ famous sandwiches with peanut butter, banana, and bacon, and guess what the first thing I saw was? Yes, Elvis week is real. I guess that could be expected, since they have days, weeks, and months commemorating everything from ice cream to rectal cancer, so I should have imagined that an “Elvis Week” was within the realm of possibility. What I didn’t imagine is that it’s actually Elvis Week now. 

It leaves me wondering if I have other psychic powers, or if this was just a one-off.

Anyhow, Happy Elvis Week!

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