What’s Going Down

Well, it’s been a pretty busy week, so I don’t have as much to post this weekend, but I do have some pictures that I’ve been meaning to share with you. Hope you enjoy!

This is at Angela’s cousin’s wedding. She has hundreds of cousins (literally), so weddings happen quite frequently, and you need to find things to keep them interesting. At this one, we saw a machete stuck in a stump, and pretended like it was the Sword in the Stone (Oh, did I mention that Berlin can get a bit boring at times?).
I was also not The Chosen One.
My car is pretty cool, but lately it bitched out on me a few times. There was some thumping sound, and after Angela’s brother looked at it for a while, he removed a rubber piece. Apparently, he might have replaced it with something else, or he will, but in any case, the thumping stopped. Still, that didn’t matter anyhow because as I was coming back from work a week or two ago, the car died and made a bubbling sound. Turns out, a belt broke, and I was driving at night on the Interamericana Highway (which, to tell you the truth, is probably the only place you’d want your car to break down at night in Costa Rica).

Anyhow, I happen to have the full-package insurance, so we called the company. Within like 20 minutes, a guy showed up in a beautiful tow truck, playing “Bette Davis Eyes” on the in-cab stereo. Huh? Since when did “service” become a concept around here?? In any case, I was grateful for the guy (named Conrad) who brought me all the way home to my front door (no, I didn’t get to ride in my car on the back of the truck the whole time). And as it turns out, he would have taken me to anywhere in the whole country, all for free, as part of my insurance coverage. Costa Rica, touchee. You’ve won this round with your unexpected customer service.
And finally, here we have my lovely wife Angela placing one of the first blocks of our house. For an explanation of this picture, a picture of a little Jesus statue in a hardware store (of course), and much, much more from this week in construction, check out our construction sblog!

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