Update 1

It´s been a bit of time since my last entry, and my “fans” have been knocking down my door, wondering what I´ve been up to. That, of course, is complete crap, but at least it provides a segue into a couple of new entries. I´ve been pretty busy, and I´ve taken a couple of pictures, so this will have to be two or three entries, since Blogger only lets me post three pictures per entry.
First of all, one thing I´ve been up to in general is reading blogs. One of the best ones out there for my money (be they dollars or colones) is by my friend Heidi. She´s in the Peace Corps in Mauritania. That´s in Africa, and there´s no shame in admitting that you didn´t know that (no one does). She´s very funny and erudite, and it would behoove you to visit her site post-haste. It´s called “Sahara Shantytown Surveyor,” and the address is: http://heidigehret.blogspot.com/
What else have I been doing? Well, I also went to the US for about five days. I had to renew my Costa Rican visa, and that required me to leave the country for at least 72 hours. It seemed like an ideal opportunity to also visit my friend Tori in Florida, who I´d not seen in about a year. She was doing quite well, and it was very nice to see her.
When I was in Florida I tended towards slothfulness, which meant catching up on sleep and eating lots. Also, I watched around 30 episodes of Scrubs on DVD while Tori was working during the day. Good times. Also, I got to see a few movies and eat some ethnic food, both of which are relatively scarce in Costa Rica.
At the same time, though, even though it was good to be visiting my mother land, I began to miss Costa Rica quite a bit. I´m really liking it here, and I´m planning on staying at least one more year. Let´s hope the school agrees with my plan. Even when I went to dinner with Tori and her boyfriend, I kept bringing up Costa Rican stuff. I even drew an illustrative graph about the Chupacabra.
In any case, here´s a picture of me eating an assload of seafood on the Florida gulf coast:

Yes, I´m allergic to fish and stuff that swims, but when it comes to the cowardly, shell-wearing, despicable crawlies of the sea, I´m all game. But this platter was huge. I ate it (yes, I ate it all) when Tori and I went to Cedar Key one day. It was a nice little drive.

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