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The following is a quote from the book “Off The Map,” by Mark Jenkins. My friend Rachel loaned it to me, and it was really good. It’s a dude’s recollections of riding across Siberia on a bicycle. Hardcore stuff. Anyhow, there were quite a few passages that I liked, but two especially stood out. I’ll copy one now, and the other one later. Here’s one from page 175:
“Sometimes you meet someone you know.
You have spent nights together. Night upon night for years talking and talking. You have camped together beneath the sky and sung songs together and drunk beer in each other’s homes. You have hugged and cried and laughed together. And you have never met.
There are few such people, but they are the ones you will always know and who will always know you. They are in parts of the world where you haven’t been. They are living lives you cannot know. They have sisters you have never met whom you’ve danced with on the porch and brothers you cannot see whom you’ve wrestled in the grass. They have kitchens with bright windows you can’t imagine, where you had coffee a thousand times. These are the people you meet, and know, before you speak.”
Think about that. I like it, and I hope you do, too.

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