The Sitzmans Are Big In The Charlotte Chess Community

As you may know, my sister Di visited me and Angela about a month ago (I still have yet to post a few pictures or details of that, but I will one day). In any case, we went to Poás volcano one day, and when we were walking around the trails, we stopped and talked to a guy from Charlotte, North Carolina (or is it South Carolina?) named Leland. In any case, he was a very verbose fellow who taught us new words (ones that weren’t bad, even), and he paid Di 2,000 colones because she knew how to spell the word “mnemonic” correctly. Sure, that’s only $4, but I’VE never gotten paid to spell shit.
Anyhow, Leland told us that he was a chess master, and he told us about his website at And his story checks out. The site is a bit gaudy and has so much neon it looks as if a Chuck-E Cheeze restaurant crashed into a Times Square strip club. But still, it’s a website about chess, so I guess you gotta attract people’s attention somehow.
The point of all this? If you look at the message board, somewhere down the page, there’s a message entitled “Had a ball in Costa Rica “Updated.”” If you read that, at the bottom there’s a note that talks about “Diana and her brother from Colorado.” Here’s a link to the picture, but needless to say, we’re causing quite a stir in North and/or South Carolina, depending on where Charlotte it.

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