That Darn Cat

So, we’ve NOT got a new cat… yet. But this one is certainly using all her charm to worm her way into our hearts. Here’s a picture of her the other day:

Obviously, she’s looking much better. If you’ll recall, when she first showed up the other day, she had red crap on her, and she looked absolutely sad and pathetic:
I mentioned at the time that we were hoping the red stuff wasn’t blood and as it turned out, it wasn’t. It appears to have been some kind of floor wax. That’s a bit of a relief, but it’s also disturbing to know that someone would spray a cat with floor wax.

Wow, how can you not feel bad when she does this?
So now we’re not sure what to do, exactly. We’re planning on taking her to a shelter in San Ramon or Palmares, once we check the place out. It’s apparently a no-kill shelter, which is the only option I’d accept. She’s a really loving cat, so hopefully a good family will find her. We almost have started considering keeping her, but we already have two cats, and we never really wanted any cats in the first place. It’s hard to give them a good life, and one more cat would make that even more difficult. Especially since this one’s a female. Obviously, it’d need to be spayed, and we still need to get Boner neutered, lest his name go from a semi-vulgar joke into a kind of prophecy. In short, Berlin doesn’t need more cats! Especially not adorable cats that break your damn heart!

So, wherever you are: if you have a pet, GET IT FIXED! Bob Barker was right, and we need to keep the population of unwanted pets down. In Berlin, the attitude is, “Oh, whatever,” or “Pobrecito, there’s no reason to fix him,” or “I don’t want to pay $30 dollars to have an animal fixed,” or some other stupid excuse like that. But the reality is that there are a ton of unwanted animals, and Berlin’s a really crappy place to be an animal.
So, I just wanted to get that off my chest. I’ll keep you updated on the cat situation.
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