Pictures of the Day: March 3-29, 2011

Wow, I’ve somehow gotten very behind on posting these Pictures of the Day. You may have seen some of them on flickr or on the weekly picture projects, but likely not all of them. So, here they are!
March 3rd: Scoff if you will, but having a bidet turns out to be awesome.
March 4th: Here it looks like I’m riding the bike at an incredible rate.

March 5th: Upon first glance, this seems to be a pretty damn secure wood fence gate. Until you realize that three of the four locks are superfluous. We came across this gate driving from Playa Cabuyal to Liberia, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

March 6th: Around the time the sun goes down, things start getting windy in Berlin. This is a tree we planted in our yard around a year ago.

March 7th: A quesadilla and some beans I made for lunch. It seems that a lot of food pictures turn out looking like some sort of barnyard afterbirth, so judging it against that standard, I’m pretty happy with this picture.

March 8th: The letter of the week for my weekly picture project was “J,” so when Juan Manuel walked into work with his name tag on, it seemed like a good J picture was in the making.

March 9th: A junk drawer in Angela’s sewing machine.

March 10th: Angela and I went for a walk and came across these two goats sitting on a couch outside an abandoned pulperia (like a very small general store in Costa Rica). I’m not sure what their deal was, but when we came back by around an hour later, they were still there. Must have been comfortable.

March 11th: Angela and I cleaned our water tank today with some bleach and a broom. I was trying to get a picture of the broom while it was drying, in order to capture the drops of water coming off it.

March 12th: A “still life” at school in the afternoon. This stuff must belong to the teacher who uses the room during the day.

March 13th: We quickly stopped by Juan Guillermo and Paola’s house since they had a new baby, Sarah, and we wanted to see her. Congratulations to them!

March 14th: So, I guess I’m officially one of those creeps who takes pictures of his lunch before eating it, but at least this was at home. We had hot dogs, beans, and chips. Incidentally, it was one of my grandpa’s favorite meals.

March 15th: Some laundry with a foreboding sky. I went for a walk around Berlin and took some pictures.

March 16th: This is a little glass candle-ball thing that Angela and I picked up in Munich. It’s pretty.

March 17th: I made “Thai Coconut Chicken, Hold The Chicken.” Chicken here is usually hit or miss, but potatoes are almost always good, so I usually use them instead. It turned out very well!

March 18th: It was my birthday, so I spent most of it having fun. That meant that late in the evening, I had to plan for the next day’s classes. Tea and this little birthday dog from a few years ago helped.

March 19th: Some classroom closets set out in a hallway at work.

March 20th: Some pretty flowers at Termales del Bosque. We went there for a belated birthday celebration, since it’s one of our favorite places to visit. As its name indicates, it’s hot springs in a forest. Very nice!

March 21st: Some “fruits” made from condensed milk, powdered milk, and sugar… sort of like a Poor Man’s Marzipan. We got them at a roadside stand near Zarcero.

March 22nd: This little cat outside our door fairly broke our freaking hearts. It’s been coming around lately, and we think it might have a home, but is only trying to mate with our cat Boner. In any case, we’re not sure what to do.
As a side note, we think that MAY not be blood, since it’s really light and doesn’t look much like blood. But we don’t have another good explanation, either.

March 23rd: Our niece Kati stopped by on her four-wheeler!

March 24th: Testing out the zoom on the camera (obviously, it’s not very zoomed-in in this picture). These are the towers in Berlin, as seen from our kitchen.

March 25th: I went to San Jose with my friend Lucy to do a bureaucratic errand at the Ministry of Migration. Of course, we didn’t realize till we got there that it had all been for naught. But we went to the mall for lunch and saw this awesome tree.

March 26th: Angela went into a supermarket so while I waited in the car, I got a picture of this seemingly heavy-duty bakery in Palmares.

March 27th: The lens from my camera. It seemed like a good “L” picture, since it’s a weekly photography-themed project.

March 28th: “Das Letzte Gefecht” (The Stand), by Stephen King. I’ve been reading it for my Sitzbook book-a-week project.

March 29th: A lemon mint plant that we got at the hardware store today. Yes, such a glorious thing exists.

Whew! Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully something in there was interesting for you. If not, I’ve got nothin’!

Thanks for reading and looking, and have a great day!

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