Pictures of the Day, September 27 – October 3, 2010

Here are some Pictures of the Day for ya:

September 26: Some eggs in our fridge. The egg trays are pretty strange, since they don’t really fit into the fridge door like they’re supposed to, and because they only hold 10 eggs. But I guess that’s the sort of quality we’ve come to expect from our Salvadoran refrigerator.

We usually buy our eggs from our neighbor, which I guess makes them “farm fresh.” Nice.

September 27: Cats like milk. Over here, we’re not in any hurry to break through stereotypes.

September 28: Angela built another candy train, this time for her nephew Maikol. She got the idea from my cousin Brian, apparently. And I have a feeling I already know what I’ll be getting for my birthday.

September 29: I always think it’s weird to see cacti in a country as ridiculously humid as Costa Rica, but they’re here, ridiculous or not.
In fact, the other day I saw a three-story cactus in downtown Palmares!

September 30: At the “Taiwan-Costa Rica Friendship Bridge” over the Tempisque River. I know I’ve talked about it before, but it’s always nice to mention, since it really was a pretty stab-in-the-back move on Costa Rica’s part to abandon Taiwan for China, once they’d used up Taiwan’s generosity.

I don’t read Chinese, but I hope this sign says, “Thanks for nothing!”

October 1: It’s been raining a lot, so it’s good maté weather. I started drinking it out of the wood mortar and pestle thing we had, and it’s worked quite well. Good Argentinean fun.

October 2: This is a view of the altar area of the church in Zarcero. Pretty elaborate. Angela and I went to a wedding there. A girl from Berlin (this one, not the real one) was marrying a guy from Spain. It was a good time. It was actually the only wedding I’ve been to in Costa Rica, besides my own.

October 3: We have an Australian flag towel, although I’ve never been to Australia. I took it from my folks’ house because it was in a closet and my mom said I could take whatever towels I needed from there. I only saw the Union Jack part and thought it was a British flag, actually, since my sister had been to England a few times. But when I got the towel here, I discovered it was an Australian flag, not a British one. And I know my brother spent a year in Australia, and I think my sister may have spent some time there, too.
So, if this is your towel, sorry, I took it.

Well, that’s it for today! Hope there was something interesting there for you. Until next time, thanks for reading, and have a good day!
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