I am still not really sure why YOU all look at this blog, but I know that one reason that I look at it is the little map you see in the column on the left. It’s called a “clustrmap,” and it basically puts dots on a world map based on how many visitors come to your site. You can click there and it’ll take you to a larger map, along with a list of countries and the number of visitors from each of those countries (scroll down a bit).

The thing is, it only keeps your stats for a year and then it resets them. That’s supposed to happen on October 8th or so, so the map may look blank when you read this. As of now, though, it looks something like this:

You can also click on “Map with smaller clustrs” and it’ll show you something like this, where it’s not as consolidated:

Now, maybe this is just the geography nerd in me, but I think this is really cool! And interesting; for example, I can obviously account for the big dot in Central America and for the huge one around Colorado (hi, mom!). Plus, that huge blank swath running north-south through the whole continent of North America pretty much confirms my suspicions that the states there are pretty worthless, anyhow. But what’s harder to understand is how I’m getting visitors from all these other places.

According to the stats, in the last year I’ve had 3,147 visitors from the U.S. and 534 from Costa Rica. Fair enough. But 292 from India? I don’t even know anyone in India! I also enjoy scrolling down that list and checking out the “one hit wonder” countries, like Iran, Montenegro, and the Faroe Islands.

In any case, it’s food for thought. If you’re ever checking out this page, have a click on the map on the left (and while you’re at it, feel free to do a Google search in the box a bit higher or check out any of the ads). Especially feel free to check out the site if you’re somewhere in the global boondocks, so I can get a cool dot from a place like Antarctica or Chad.

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5 thoughts on “Clustrmaps

  1. depending on the counter, you can get stats on referrals to your site – i found i get a huge amount of hits from obscure countries people are probably trying to migrate from because i once put in a not very serious or well thought about blog titled ” reasons for living in a foreign country #145″ – all about wearing flannel shirts – or some such – looks like they might need to write essays on that in many places, in order to get out, or to get in…. and there you go, now I put that on YOUR page , that should help your hit rate go UP UP UP!

  2. Actually, it’s a bit hard to see on the map where Iowa ends and where Nebraska starts, but rest assured I hadn’t considered your state to be worthless (that is, of course, unless you have become a Nebraskan, in which case all hope is lost). I was even pretty sure that I had located the “Brad dot” on that map, but I may have miscalculated.

    Still, I was referring mainly to Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and a fair part of Texas.

    But then again, I’ve never polled well there.

  3. A lot of “hits” come from Google images, I’ve found. People are getting photos/pictures from your blogs and may not be reading anything! (hopefully not the case, of course).:-)
    At least that’s what i’ve found on my blog!

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