Pictures of the Day From Dec 6-16, 2010!

I’ve gotten quite behind on my Pictures of the Day, mainly because Angela and I have been on a trip to Colorado. But now I’m able to catch up a bit. If you actually follow these, you’ll probably know that I’ve been posting them to flickr, but it just seems to take a lot longer to coordinate posting them to the blog. So, if you really want to see new pictures, check out flickr first.
Anyhow, for today, I’ll put them up 10 at a time (or so). Hopefully there’s something interesting in there!

December 6th: The school year is ending here, and the classrooms are basically empty now. Except this weird clay sculpture, which seemed to be the only thing left in the room where I teach my English class in the evening. Seems a bit creepy, like the Blair Witch left it.

December 7th: One of our tires got a bulge in it, so we had to get it changed.

December 8th: After our final class, I went out and ate some pizza in Tamarindo with my Wednesday night class.

December 9th: A group of tourists from San Jose. We all basically got each other to take our pictures, since I couldn’t do it alone, and vice-versa. Haha…
Taken at the Langosta beach at Hacienda Pinilla, just south of Tamarindo.

December 10th: The Formerly Crappy Casita is getting less and less crappy by the day!

December 11th: The term finally ended, and with it the columns and columns of grades!

December 12th: Lidio doing what he does best: Scaring little girls and beating them at soccer.

December 13th: People waiting outside the Co-op supermarket in Palmares. And when I say “people,” I mean “women and children,” because the guys who can drive are probably in the bars.

December 14th: Some deer in the Nativity scene at my in-laws’ house.

December 15th: The Juan Santamaria International Airport in Costa Rica, as seen from the plane.

December 16th: A free hat that my mom picked up for Angela and me at the Colorado Welcome Center. They were welcoming us when we got home to my parents’ house. Thanks, ma!

That’s it for the moment… I’ll try to get the other Pictures of the Day up as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!
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