More Picture of the Day Catch-up! December 17-26, 2010

Here are some more Pictures of the Day from the past weeks. These ones were taken during our trip to Colorado:

December 17th: The Egg Nog section at the supermarket was larger than the entire refrigerated section in most Costa Rican supermarkets!

December 18th: A picture of a mailbox from a daily walk near my folks’ house.

December 19th: Angela (looking a bit like a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad) has become much more adept at eating with chopsticks than she was the first time we came to Colorado.

December 20th: Today we went to Jim’s Wings and Target, two of our Fort Collins favorites.

December 21st: Some foreboding clouds over a neighborhood near where my parents live.

December 22nd: Some photo albums at my folks’ house. Mom’s very well-organized with her pictures, but usually a decade or so behind with getting them in the albums. But that’s fine, of course.

December 23rd: Angela “playing the piano” in Old Town Fort Collins.

December 24th: At church in Timnath. The little candle holder things were actually made of ice.

December 25th: Some placecards/decorations that my sister Di made for Christmas dinner.

December 26th: An old car I saw on my walk.

That’s it for now. Be sure to check back soon as we continue to catch up on these Pictures of the Day. Thanks for reading!
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