Picture of the Day Catch-Up: January 6-10, 2010

Finally getting a chance to get caught up on some of the Pictures of the Day I’ve been behind on. Here we go with January 6-10:

January 6th: This is the big geodesic ball or whatnot that they have at EPCOT in Disney. I like this picture quite a bit.

January 7th: While in Florida, we stayed at the Port Orleans hotel. It was really nice, and set-up to look like the pre-Civil War American south. Disney’s attention to detail is pretty incredible; the only drawback was that we had to keep hearing ragtime versions of Jingle Bells every time we went to the hotel’s cafeteria. Oh well.

January 8th: Back in Costa Rica, at Juan Santamaria International Airport. This man was in the “Security Zone,” whatever that means. (For me, it means that I get “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins in my head, only with different lyrics).

January 9th: Not that interesting of a day, not that interesting of a picture.

January 10th: We walked to Angela’s sister’s house for lunch, and we passed Lee’s house on the way. His house is pretty impressive, but he’s had major problems with it from the beginning, especially with contractors ripping him off. It’s currently stalled in construction, as it has been for years now.

That’s it for this set. I’m hoping to get caught up until yesterday sometime later today. Thanks for checking out the pictures, and remember that you can always see the pictures of the day, the leftovers, and the SeeVida set on my flickr page. I usually upload them there before I have a chance to get them on this blog, so those options are much more current and complete.

Thanks again!

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4 thoughts on “Picture of the Day Catch-Up: January 6-10, 2010

  1. Whoa! Very unusual house. You’ll have to post a pic once it’s finished, assuming it ever is. (So now I have to ask…is the inverted roof a design choice or the result of an incompetent contractor who then kept the money without fixing it? THAT kind of rip-off?)

  2. The inverted roof is part of the design, but the not-having-windows part is part of the rip-off by his contractor. It’s been like that since I got here three years ago, so who knows if it’ll ever get finished?

  3. Re: Jan 6
    That is indeed a big ball. But please keep in mind that Reno is home to the biggest balls in the world. Google it if you don’t believe me.


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