Picture of the Day Catch-Up: January 11-18, 2010

With this set of 8 pictures, I think we’ll be about up to speed with the Pictures of the Day. I may put up a few more pictures from our trip to the US sometime soon, but we’ll see about that. For now, hopefully there’s something you’ll like in this set:

January 11th: For the first week or so after we got back to Costa Rica, it was windy as balls. It’s hard to take a picture conveying how windy it is, especially when you don’t want to go out into the wind, but I think this does at least a passable job.

January 12th: My classroom, after class. Although sparse by American standards (especially since school’s not in session here until February), this classroom is still pretty nice. You should see some of the public schools.

January 13th: Someone spray-painted this message on the corner by where we live. I believe it was for a bike race or marathon –something like that– but it’s still good advice in general: “go up.”

January 14th: The weather in Berlin is strange sometimes. Near sunset, especially, things get kinky. Angela and I went for a walk to her parents’ house, and the sun was setting through a thick fog, which had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

January 15th: This is what they call a “receiver of coffee” here, but I believe we’d call it a depository. It’s where the farmers drop off and measure their coffee at the end of each work day, and then the trucks take it down the hill to the Co-op’s processing facility. In any case, I passed this depository on the way back from work late one evening, and it was all lit up, but closed and lonely.

January 16th: Speaking of coffee, there’s nothing like a cup of it after a “long” day at work.

January 17th: This was a pretty lazy day. I worked in the yard moving dirt for a few hours, but then I sat in the sun and read “The Left Hand of Darkness,” which Lucy loaned me. I love the back patio on a sunny day!

January 18th: Ah, the joys of trying to teach English right next to Palmares’ annual two-week Festival. There was an elaborate 10-minute fireworks session near the end of my class last night (there’s a video on flickr, if you want to see one of the multiple “false grand finales”). It’s certainly pretty, but not conducive to hearing if my students are pronouncing “ship” and “chip” correctly.

Well! I believe we’re now officially caught up! Thanks for reading, and check out the following links if you’re interested in more pictures:
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If you’re not familiar with flickr, you may not know that with each of these photo sets, you can view all of the pictures in a slideshow. Just click on that icon, near the top right of the page.

Thanks again for reading, and have a good day!

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