As I mentioned in an earlier post, Angela and I went to Panama two weekends ago to renew my tourist visa. It was a very nice and relaxing trip. We went to Bocas del Toro, which is an archipelago near the Costa Rican border, on the Caribbean coast. Here are some pictures:

Angela and I in a “water taxi,” which is Spanish for “overcrowded motorboat.”

A fairly typical scene in the area, of tourist hotels on stilts. We stayed in the village on the primary island, though, since we were on a bit of a budget. Still, it was cool there, too.

A cross at a cemetery next to a pretty nasty beach on the main island. Fortunately, there were many boats that would take you to other islands in the area with beaches that were much more beautiful.

Still, the beaches don’t have these: meat bikes! This guy was my favorite meat bike conductor, partially because of the lazy eye and the soda-pop eyeglasses, and partially because he gave us directions. The meat bikes are impressive apparati, though, as they incorporate an entire functioning charcoal grill, a cooler, a rider, and an umbrella when it’s raining. And after putting all that crap on top of a bike chasis, it still moves!

Here’s Angela with the pride of Panama (at least to a buzzed mind). Panamanian beer is actually quite a bit better than Costa Rican beer, and now we feel kind of gypped.

Angela with a nice sand turtle she formed. I was busy making a sand sea serpent-like thing.

Panama! Panama-ah-ah-ah-uh-uh! Panama! Panama-ah-ah-ah-uh-uh! Damn Van Halen.

Give me some sugar, baby.

A table at a colorful café.

A boat through a border.

Angela stirring an Alka Seltzer.

Kinda thinking…or something.

This is back on the Costa Rican side of the border, on the trip home. This guy was selling oranges that you could squeeze and suck the juice out of. (In my best Ronco voice): But that’s not all! He also had a little contraption that peeled the orange before your very eyes! In the end the machine left a lot of peel on the orange and you still had to pick it off your hands, but dammit, gizmos and gadgets are just cool, especially when superfluous!

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