Nice Happy Sunsets and Nice Happy Clouds

So things here in Berlín–notice that accent? It’s for real–are going pretty well. Work is boring, but that’s why we have work, I guess. But I can’t really complain. So, here are a few nice pictures to match a nice mood:

This is Angela walking in the fog in Berlín. We walked down to San Ramón one day, for the Costa Rican Independence Day. We had to get up really early in the morning, since it’s like 12 kilometers away and all downhill, but it was well worth it. The views were awesome and it was a fun experience.

This is my Brad Bonner-y picture of the day. As a continuation of the “religious mixed with profane” theme that seems to be part of the place where we live (see the post about the “Crucifix/Torture Room”), we have here a Virgin Mary next to some barred windows. It’s at the entrance to the small house on the back of the property where we live.

Speaking of that, here’s a Jesus that’s in our garage. Seriously, all this stuff was there when we moved in.
Now watch me totally get Bob Ross on your ass:

Here’s a less taxing image: a palm tree next to a neon sunset. I can’t believe that these colors are real. This is taken from our garage.

Here is our niece Adriana with Angela. They’re both enjoying the beautiful sunset (and a boozy drink made with cacique and the limes from a tree in our backyard).

Another view of the sunset, where you can sort of see the Berlín church in the lower left. You can also make out the Gulf of Nicoya, if you know where to look.

Here is yet another view of the sunset. This is also taken from the side of our garage, where we used to burn our dirty toilet paper. We’ve since moved the burning spot to a hole in the back, in respect for this view. It also provoked a discussion about cultural values, since nobody in Berlín takes advantage of their sweeping views. Kinda funny, kinda sad.
And that’s it for the photos for now. But doesn’t it make you want to visit? Well, come on over.

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2 thoughts on “Nice Happy Sunsets and Nice Happy Clouds

  1. Damnit Sitzman. Photography was the only thing I had going for myself that I was even slightly better than you. Now you have perfectly copied what little style I had, made it better and posted more of it online than I could ever want.

    I’m done. I’m through. 365 – NEVER.

  2. Hey, you’re better than me at most things. Like anything electronic, or anything involving money. Or law.
    Also, I still can’t take a picture of my wife with her eyes open, and when you photographed our wedding, you took around 500.
    Keep on trucking, in other words.

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