Ouwraight Poudafinga!

About five or six years ago my brother Paul went to Australia for a while. I only say “my brother Paul” to set the stage, and so you know his name. I’ve not got any other brothers. Anyhow, I think Paul was in Australia escaping the law or hunting wallabies or something (I guess I truly am not my brother’s keeper), but the gist of it is that he was gone for a year or two. He did come down/up to Costa Rica for my wedding, though, which is pretty great, considering that he had to fly around 138 hours to get here, and he had to layover in Atlanta three times for some reason.
OK, I jest a bit. But he did go to Australia for a while and he did come to our wedding, and when he got here, he gave me an mp3 CD of various music. One of the albums that was on it was Tea & Sympathy by Bernard Fanning. There are about four things that seem a little weak about the album title and the singer’s name, but I assure you that it’s a great album and has become one of my favorites. My favorite song on that album is probably “Sleeping Rough,” but since it’s not got a video, here’s the video for “Songbird,” so you can have something to look at (you’ll have to watch it on YouTube, since embedding has been disabled).
Good stuff, right? So I told Paul I really liked this guy’s music, and he told me about Powderfinger*, Fanning’s band. Apparently they’re from Brisbane, which is really close to where Paul was living/ hiding out. He mentioned that he should let me listen to some of their albums, since he had a few, but we kept forgetting about it every time we were together in Colorado. So I started checking them out more by myself on the “Internet.” If you’ve not used it before, it’s a really neat place for music and stuff. I’m really liking Powderfinger, so I thought I’d share this nice video from their last album (from 2009):

It’s a great song, a great video, great lyrics… all in all, it’s pretty, um, “lovely”(?) Is that what Australians say, or is that British people? Lucy, you’re the only Australian I know: can I get a little help here?
Anyhow, I’d highly recommend both Fanning and Powderfinger if you’re looking for some good music. Unfortunately, they’re no longer together, but they did leave quite a few good songs and albums to check out.
Thanks for reading, and keep your eyes open for more Blogtoberfest to come!

*Powderfinger: OK, maybe “Powderfinger” is some kind of drug reference, an Australian slang word, or an Australian slang word referring to drugs, but did anyone else think of skiing and powdered snow when they heard this name? Or is it just me because I come from Colorado?

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