One Thing That Scares Me (Besides Snakes)

Here´s a picture of my shower head here in San Ramón. I am very happy that I am able to shower with hot water and all, but still, this kind of looks electric chair-y. Especially the part on the wall with the switch. And the random green and yellow wire sticking out. But it´s actually a pretty common set-up in these parts, if you want hot running water (which Abuela doesn´t have in the kitchen, for example).
When you take a shower, it heats up the water right then. And it makes the same sound as those water cookers popular in Germany. Like I said, I like having the hot water, but it´s probably good that I´m really groggy every morning when I get into the shower at 6.30 am, because if I wasn´t, I´d probably be afraid to even get near the water coming from this thing.

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2 thoughts on “One Thing That Scares Me (Besides Snakes)

  1. Holy crap! You should be scared! That does look like some torture device. Like water with electrical current would come pouring out on you… Maybe you want to wear a rubber cod piece just in case…

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