Off to the "Tasty Coast"

I don’t really think anyone reads this, but if you do, I wanted to say that I took a job in Costa Rica for a few months. I’ll be gone from August 18 through December 13. So if you call the house between now and then, you’ll probably annoy my roommate Aaron McGrew. Which could be kind of funny. But in the end, you’ll still not be able to talk with me.
I’m not sure how email or telephone contact will be in Costa Rica, but I might not be able to update the blog easily from there, so there could be quite a few gaps in service, so to say…not that I’ve been so hot about keeping things posted anyhow.
Before I leave, I’m also going to Philadelphia for a week, so it’ll be some busy times between now and then.
But not so busy that I can’t waste some time. I’ve posted the pictures from Mexico City, Argentina, and Europe on, so check them out if you want to. I was going to post a tantalizing picture as a preview, but seems to be acting like a dick tonight, and pictures aren’t working. Anyway, there’s also some new crap in general on the site.
So take care…

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