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A sign I saw in Portugal.
I know I wrote about Guns N’ Roses a few weeks ago for the 20th anniversary of the Use Your Illusion albums, but they’ve come up a few more times lately and I thought I’d mention them. 
First of all, thanks to Eric for tipping me off about this article called “Sweet Pie of Mine.” Apparently Axl’s been packing on the pounds recently, although who really knows. In the pictures he’s wearing a big yellow raincoat, which I can’t imagine would be very flattering for anybody. Although it may be just an unfortunate picture angle, the coat does make him look creepy, if not necessarily fat. 
Also, I recently happened upon this article from a series in Decibel called “Justify Your Shitty Taste.” It defends Chinese Democracy, the latest Guns N’ Roses album, which came out in 2008. I wrote a post with a much briefer statement of support back in 2009, and it was nice to know that I wasn’t alone in my sentiments. Obviously, the current incarnation of the band hasn’t got all the original members, but I definitely agree with the author that it was actually a good album that was doomed from the get-go because it could never live up to the expectations that had built up over so many years. As one of the article’s commentators said, if you want to hear Appetite for Destruction again, go listen to Appetite for Destruction (and keep in mind that Appetite is one of my top 3 albums of all time).
Anyhow, that’s it for today–I’ve got an appetite for some Rooibos tea, so I’m gonna cook up a cup. Thanks for reading, and have a good one!
Another picture, this one promoting a GNR tribute band in Spain.
“Gansos y Rosas” means “Geese and Roses.”
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2 thoughts on “More GNR

  1. I agree. It’s a well-written album with some good (a few great) songs. There’s just nothing that blows you away, like just about all of ‘Appetite’.

    And it shouldn’t even be labeled a GnR album. If it had been promoted as an Axel Rose solo album, which in essence, it is, I don’t think it would have been trashed as much.

  2. That’s a good point… why does he insist on clinging to the name? It’s not like he’d not be able to play GNR songs if the group weren’t named Guns N’ Roses.

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