The 700 Club

When I think of Sitzblog, I think of this picture José took of me in Argentina.
But when I thought about it, I went to Argentina after I started the blog, so it must 
have been a later addition. Anyhow, it’s been the Sitzblog “mascot” ever since. 
Wow, this is Sitzblog’s 700th post! When I saw that this milestone was approaching, I went back to some of my earlier posts to see how in the world I could have held on this long. Maybe I have a bad memory –OK, not “maybe,” I do– but it was actually a lot of fun for me to read through the old entries. 
I started this blog at the very beginning of 2006 with a not-so-promising one-line post (“So this is a blog, eh?”). In fact, looking back, I probably was confused when I wrote that and genuinely didn’t know what a blog was. How much I’ve learned in the years –I now have 10 blogs, believe it or not! I also don’t know why I even started the blog in the first place, but I’m glad I did. I know that it’s not as personal as a journal, since a blog is by its nature open to everyone, but it is a nice way to look back and reminisce. 
It seems like in its early stage I mainly used the blog to complain about buses and people on them (here and here) or else to tell true stories (like picking up a hitchhiker). The weird thing is when I read most of these old posts, I have almost no recollection of ever writing them (and some of the events I’ve even forgotten, as well). So I guess it’s nice to have some kind of record. Plus, the blog really seemed to hit its stride and take off once I got to Costa Rica. It was especially fun to re-read the first posts I put up about Abuela and Angela.
Anyhow, thanks to everyone who’s read this blog through the years–I appreciate all of you! In this case, you’re literally the reason I do this because if no one read my blog, there’d be no reason to have a blog. So thanks!
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