Everybody´s Workin For The Weekend

As Jon Bon Jovi once said, “I´m feeling like a Monday, but someday I´ll be Saturday night.” Right now it´s Friday, so that may not make any damn sense, especially since right now I´m feeling quite Satuday night. But I just wanted to use that quote to segue into the topic of the day for this blog. A few people have inquired: what do I do in my free time in Costa Rica?
Well, I hang out a lot. I haven´t really travelled much around the country on the weekends, mainly just because I have a five-day work week. Man, it´s a pain in my ass. But still, I get plenty of down time.
Sometimes I watch a bit of TV, because Abuela has cable…sort of. There are around 25 stations, and three don´t come in at all. Another five have major reception issues. There is also a channel that shows old operas, and it plays on three stations. There are then about two or three decent channels, including a local one that plays an hour of dubbed Simpsons at 8. And another channel shows a fair number of movies in the evenings.
But sometimes the dubbed Chuck Norris movies can be a bit much (as they were last Friday night, when Forced Vengance and Delta Force were playing at the same time). When that´s the case, Pablo usually comes around my room and convinces me to go to town with him and some people he knows. The people we go out with always seem nice, but it´s hard to be sure, since we usually go to a “dance club” called Secretos. Secretos is so damn loud that even yelling over the music is basically a futile undertaking. To make the loud music even more perturbing, some fucker with a microphone is usually yelling machine-gun-speed Spanish gibberish OVER the music every 14 seconds or so. And I put “dance club” in quotes because by around 10 o´clock, it´s so packed you´d be lucky to be able to shake your ass just a tad, let alone get your grove on completely. It´s a pretty mind-dumbing experience, but a bottle of beer is around a buck 25, so we keep going back.
Finally, I also just hang around the hacienda a lot. We (meaning me and/or Abuela, Pablo, Katie, etc) often hang around, chat, or watch a bit of TV. Tonight, there is even talk that we´ll play a pirated version of “Monopolio” I bought at a local convenience store. I bought a bottle of wine and some popcorn for just such an occasion.
¿¿So, when are you coming to visit??

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3 thoughts on “Everybody´s Workin For The Weekend

  1. Hmm… Watching Simpsons, going out for beers, hanging around talking, playing a game perhaps… Sounds like being here! BOR-RING! Impress us! C’mon!

  2. To reply to both of your comments:
    1 – I never thought that Secretos could mean secretions, but judging by the grease on some of the guys´ hair, you might be on to something. Now I want to go there even less.
    2 – I never maintained that I was impressive. On the contrary, my life has always been pretty plain to me. But isn´t it impressive that my life is in Spanish now?

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