Independence Day

This last Saturday was Costa Rican Independence Day, so on Friday there was a big parade downtown. I went there early in the morning, because some of my fourth and sixth graders were in the parade, and they needed teachers to help. I didn´t actually DO anything, but I enjoyed some icy treats and took a few pictures:

Here´s a picture of the guy that was making a shaved ice thing. He cut the ice off the big block, and then added all sorts of sugary shit to it to make it delicious.

Here he´s topping off the sugary shit. The layers, from bottom to top, were: Ice, red sugar liquid, ice, powdered milk/sugar, red sugar liquid, sweetened condensed milk. It was awesome!

Speaking of awesome, here´s a guy watching the parade with an iguana on his head.

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3 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Curioso… un buen día por cierto.

    Yo estuve ahí. Super quemada por el sol, pero lo disfruté. A que adivinas quién soy?

  2. Hablo español desde que nací, bueno, en realidad como dos años después… mmm pero no soy tu mamá… pero podría ser tu… amiga por supuesto… ja ja ja ja!

    Bueno… a lo serio… la independencia también es importante.

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