I figured that since the blog looks a bit different now, I should quickly explain a few things:

1. The New Design: I tweaked with a template from Blogger to come up with the new design for this blog. I hope you like it. It should be easier to read, and it’ll also fill more of the screen if you enlarge the size of window displaying the blog. Please feel free to tell me if you like it or not, and be sure to mention any problems you may have with the look or functionality of the new design.

2. The aStore: As I mentioned before, this site is linked to (one of the boxes on the left). I think they provide good products at a good cost, so I’ve set up a page within Amazon’s architecture to allow you to shop for items from their store. If you buy products from Amazon after going through my store’s link, then I get a small referral bonus from Amazon. So if you normally buy from Amazon, then it’s just a way to help support me and this blog.

If you looked at the store before, you should know that I have changed it and added quite a few things. It still has the products that I’m into lately, as well as the music mentioned and reviewed in the A-Z Music Review Revue. What’s new, though, is that it also has many of Amazon’s own categories, which means that you can search directly within the aStore for most any product that Amazon offers, without having to go to a new window. It’s sort of hard to describe it all, but I’d love it if you check it all out whenever you have a moment. And a big thanks to the people who have already used the aStore as a link to buy stuff!

3. The Advertisements: First of all, I must apologize that I even put up ads. I know that a lot of people react negatively to them, but the truth is that they pay (a little bit of) the bills, so I decided to add them. In any case, the ads are set up by Google AdSense, so I have no control over their content. I therefore apologize if they are annoying or repetitive. Still, if any of the ads are interesting to you, please feel more than welcome to check them out…that’s what they’re there for, after all.

4. The “Internet Search” Window: This is the other thing to the left. Basically, it is also related to AdSense, and uses Google to do an internet search. When you get to the results page, some of the links at the top or bottom of the page may be set off from the others. Those are the sites that pay Google for ad space, and that is how they are connected to the whole program. If you do a search and the featured links don’t help you, then that’s fine; you can just ignore them and go to any of the regular links lower down on the page. If they are what you’re looking for, then once again, please feel free to visit them.

So, that’s about it for the changes. Tell me if any of that didn’t make sense, and I’ll try to clarify anything that needs clarifying.

I hope that everyone is doing well, and I hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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