The other night I got pretty wired on maté (I know, it doesn’t have caffeine, but still, it works) and I came up with the idea of “Blogtoberfest.” Basically, I just liked the word, but I didn’t actually know what kind of concept it could represent. But then it hit me: Oktoberfest is all about exceeding one’s limits and drinking until you puke, so maybe Blogtoberfest could be about pushing myself to the limits and blogging until I throw up a couple liters of beer and a few kilos of Schweinshax’n and Sauerkraut.

Essentially, I really want to keep adding posts to this blog more frequently. In my office and in my calendar, I have a ton of post-it notes with blog ideas that I’ve never had a chance to flesh out, so now I’d like to make the time to do that in what remains of October. I was partially inspired to do this by my brother Paul’s “Doctober” project, and by an interview I saw with Hubert Selby Jr., the guy who wrote “Requiem for a Dream” (more about that in a few days).

Also, I mainly just wanted to use the word “Blogtoberfest,” which seemed freaking brilliant, and whose statute of limitations will naturally expire when November rolls around.

So, stay tuned, and I’ll do my best to bring you not only quality, but also quantity. As we all say “Eins, zwei, g’suffa!”, let’s tap the keg of my brain and let the Blogtoberfest ideas flow!

(Photo credits: Lately I have been trying to use pictures that I’ve taken myself, mainly because I’m concerned about giving credit where credit is due, and also because it gives this blog more of a holistic, “Sitzman-esque” experience. That’s why I used a picture of a “God Bless America” bumper sticker in Angela’s closet when I was talking about why Sarah Palin is a tool. And today, as you can maybe imagine, there’s no Oktoberfest celebration going on in Costa Rica, so I had to find the only “Krauty” pictures I’d taken. These are from 2006, at a beer garden in Munich. It wasn’t during Oktoberfest, but rather a World Cup game between Germany and Argentina. A game that Germany won, thanks to my lucky “Deutschland” underwear. You can see more pictures from that particular trip by clicking on this link.
Oh, and about the pictures.
The first one is of two random chicks in their Dirndls–the traditional dress. If you do an internet search for the word “Dirndl,” you might be surprised that this traditional garment is being sexed up for the new generation. Then again, you probably wouldn’t be surprised, since that’s what fashion is all about: making peasant garb sexy.
The second picture is of a girl selling Big Pretzels at the beer garden. Especially now with the exchange rate hurting the dollar, 3 Euros 30 seems pretty damn expensive. I didn’t actually buy a pretzel, though, since pretzels make me angry, for some reason).

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