¿A Whole Nation Full of People I Wouldn’t Do? Now THAT’S Dangerous.

Last night in the English class I teach, I had my students watch a live video of the presidential debates. It was a good listening practice for them, and they enjoyed it quite a bit. We started to talk about the debate afterwards, but we ran out of time. Well continue that discussion today, and I’ll tell you if something insightful comes from their comments (a possible preview: the Electoral College is bafflingly fucked up and confusing).
Still, after the debate I had to apologize to my students for one of my native nation‘s shortcomings: evidently anyone who is politicallyminded in the US is sorrowfully unattractive. I noticed this about an hour into the video feed, at which point I challenged my students to find a single attractive person in the debate audience.
My students failed.
Oh, U.S.A.
The “A” in your name used to stand for “Attractive,” did it not? What happened? I mean, I know it was filmed in Nashville, and not Hollywood or Miami Beach, but surely we–as a strong nation proud of its Hottie Heritage–could have airlifted in some bombshell in a bikini, or at least a stern-looking man with chiseled features and a purposeful glint in his eye? Right?
Come on, America. The world is watching you.
At least put on some freaking makeup.
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2 thoughts on “¿A Whole Nation Full of People I Wouldn’t Do? Now THAT’S Dangerous.

  1. My roommate and I noticed that too. Especially that lady with the MASSIVE eyes creeped me out. We were wondering when they’d take the debates to Hawaii and all the surfer dudes would have their boards stacked in the background, or when they would take it to CU Boulder where all the stoners would have red eyes and would fall asleep halfway through the debate. Everyone was falling asleep anyways, so they might as well have hair on the top of their head (not to say anything about people that are losing their hair).

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