WTF, Ryan Sitzman?

This post is a nice melding of two recent Sitzblog themes: “Music Videos” and “WTF?”
Let me present this Hilary Duff video for “With Love”:

So, WTF, Me? Dammit, dammit, dammit! Why do I like Hilary Duff? And it’s even a remix! What the hell’s the matter with me? And how is it that I even know how to spell her name correctly?

Sitzman: Pull it together, man. If you are still a man, that is. As my friend Bobby would say when I listened to girlypop music: “Yeah, we’re gonna have to confiscate your testicles for this one.” At least I’ve admitted that I’ve got a problem; isn’t the next step denial or coping? Can someone help me out on this one?
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4 thoughts on “WTF, Ryan Sitzman?

  1. Huh? Hillary Duff? Is this Ryan Sitzman’s blog? Am I in the wrong place? Have I taken way too many allergy pills?

  2. Sitz,

    I wouldn’t have you any other way, man. We all have our “guilty” pleasures. I say go with it.

    Oh, btw, the song and video aren’t half bad.


  3. Angie,
    Yes, it’s my blog, but you’re still probably high, nevertheless.

    Thanks for the digital hug. I needed that.

    OK, listen to me. I’m Sitzman. I’m calling off “Project Guilty Pleasure.”

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