WTF, Air-Bake Cookie Tray?

Continuing my WTF kick, I present you with the results of my trusty old air-bake cookie tray. On the left is a normal-shaped cookie, baked on a black tray. Looks tasty, right? Well, it is. On the right (on top of the spatula) is a cookie right off the air-bake tray (that big silver metal thing dominating the picture):

So, air-bake tray: WTF? Why are you taking twice as long to bake my cookies, and why are you making them all flat and crumbly? Isn’t that basically worth a double-WTF?

Air-bake tray, I’ll admit it: we had some good times in Boulder, but you’re slipping. Maybe it’s because I store you right under that non-stick bread mold that got all rusty for some reason, but your results just aren’t cutting it anymore. Shape up or we’ll use you as a roof panel for Cucho’s upcoming cat-house.*

BONUS! Check out the brand of our black electric water-kettle: “Erick-son.” Even in the realm of domestic appliances, we’re pretty big on pirated copies down here.

*I may or may not be bluffing. I probably will never actually make a cat house for Coochie-Flies.

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3 thoughts on “WTF, Air-Bake Cookie Tray?

  1. *damn Internet from ICE messed up my previous, deleted post*

    Are these the cookies you made for Heredians? *sarcastic remark ahead* They were delicious!

  2. Hey, get your ass to Heredia, and you’ll get some cookies.
    By the way, “damn Internet” is the only kind of internet that the ICE provides.

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