Weekly Picture Project: Week 9 (I)

Hello! This week’s topic for our picture project was the letter I, but I had trouble coming up with I’s–those lousy iguanas kept scattering away while I was getting out my camera!* So, I decided to do most of the I’s in Spanish, since they seem to come up more frequently in that language. Have a look!

Picture 1: Iglesia (Church): This is a cross on the roof of the church in Brasilito, Guanacaste, in northwestern Costa Rica. This past Friday I had my last class there, at least for the time being.
Picture 2: Inglés (English): The remains of an advertisement offering English classes in Playa Flamingo, which is a beach just down the road from Brasilito.
Picture 3: Incendio (Fire): On Saturday Angela and I drove to Playa Cabuyal, somewhere pretty far northwest in Costa Rica. We were staying in Liberia, since there’s more to do than in Brasilito, and because it’s got pretty quick access to beaches. In any case, on the way back from Cabuyal we saw this fire on the side of the road. I think it was “controlled” and being used for agriculture, but I’m not 100% sure. In any case, whatever the heck was burning sounded surprisingly like microwave popcorn popping.
Bonus Picture: Ice Cream Float: I really like ice cream, and I’m also a big fan of floats using any sort of pop (or even coffee). I’m sure that they were to be found in many places in Costa Rica before I came, but I just didn’t know where to find them. So I started making them myself, and since then rumors of these delicious drinks have been taking Berlin de San Ramon by storm!
Well, that’s it for this week’s project. Let’s see what we can come up with for the letter J! Until then, thanks for reading, and have a good week!
*That thing about the iguanas is actually true. I don’t know why they were so skittish this week. Usually they’re fairly stupid and just sit around while you take their picture.
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