Weekly Picture Project: Week 3 (Contrast, Composition, or Coffee)

We had three options for our weekly photo project: contrast, composition, or coffee (guess which one was my suggestion). In any case, I had a hard time focusing on one, so I just decided to work on all three. As usual, if you want to see larger versions of any of them, just click on the link or the picture itself.

So, we’ll start with Coffee:

Coffee 1: My morning friend, in a mug from Johnson’s Corner, a northern Colorado truck stop where I once stayed 18 hours (the 24 hour project didn’t quite pan out that day).

Coffee 2: Wow, it had been almost a year since I’d seen Abuela! I had to go to San Ramon to renew my residency ID card, so I called her and finally got a hold of her. I went to her house for some tasty (traditionally-prepared) coffee. It was great to see her again!

Now, for Composition:

Composition 1: Part of a nativity scene in Zarcero. After Christmas, it gets really elaborate. They put Jesus in the manger, Joseph is sent out to bring in wood, Mary’s washing Jesus’s diapers and baby clothes in the river, and the angels are stuck with babysitting.

Composition 2: Also in Zarcero. I tried to frame the women on the bench with the jugglers and their pin thingies.

Composition 3: Trying to do some more framing. These kids are playing on the beach at Playa Brasilito, where I’m currently teaching a class on Friday evenings.

Finally, how about some Contrast:

Contrast 1: I admit, I didn’t really know what “contrast” was in a photographic context. I just thought it was light and dark, the cats are two different colors… kinda half-assed, but whatever.

Contrast 2: I think this is more along the lines of what “contrast” really is. This is the ceiling fan in my hotel room in Santa Cruz.

Contrast 3: The roots/stump of a big tree in the main park in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste.

So, that’s it for the moment. I’m almost caught up on uploading the Pictures of the Day, so I’ll try to get them on the blog in a day or two. I do feel bad that this has turned into a picture blog, since I know some people originally started following it for writing, but my brain’s gone a bit dry these days.

In any case, thanks for looking/reading, and have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Picture Project: Week 3 (Contrast, Composition, or Coffee)

  1. wow! seriously excellent. i really like the fan one, even the kids on the beach composition seems to have great contrast, also the tree roots – and mary doing the washing came out great

  2. Thanks! I liked the fan one, too. I was actually laying on the bed and shot the picture into the mirror. In any case, I’m finding that always having my camera with me is paying off nicely!

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