Wasted Years

It’s interesting that a lot of thoughts, conversations, and social interactions I’ve been having lately have involved becoming older. It’s mostly been a coincidence, though. In any case, in class yesterday one of my students did a presentation on heavy metal culture. It was pretty interesting, especially to see most of the classmates’ reactions to the mere idea of heavy metal. Most assumed it was satanic, even without having heard any heavy metal ever before. At the end of the presentation the student played a song by Iron Maiden called “Wasted Years” and led an activity involving the lyrics. It was actually pretty spot-on in terms of what I’ve been thinking about lately, and while Iron Maiden does have their skeleton-corpse mascot Eddie, it’s hard to argue that there’s anything satanic or even dark about the lyrics to this song. In fact, it’s pretty optimistic. Have a look at the video:
The general feeling of nostalgia can hardly be summed up better than through long-haired rockers wearing 80s-style short shorts and playing soccer. Here are the lyrics if you’re interested:
From the coast of gold, across the seven seas
I’m travelling on, far and wide
But now it seems
I’m just a stranger to myself
And all the things I sometimes do
It isn’t me but someone else

I close my eyes and think of home
Another city goes by in the night
Ain’t it funny how it is
You never miss it ’til it’s gone away
And my heart is lying there
And will be ’til my dying day


So understand
Don’t waste your time
Always searching for those wasted years
Face up…make your stand
And realize you’re living in the golden years

Too much time on my hands
I got you on my mind
Can’t ease this pain, so easily
When you can’t find the words to say
It’s hard to make it through another day
And it makes me want to cry
And throw my hands up to the sky


Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and be sure not to waste your years!
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