Update 3 – The Other Berlin

Recently I´ve been heading up to a wonderful little town in the mountains called Berlin. It´s pretty much diametrically opposed to the Berlin in Germany, but it´s still awesome. The “town” is more of a collection of houses on a little strip of road on the crest of some lush, green mountains. I´ve been going there to visit my girlfriend Ángela, who is simply incredible. She works at the school I work at, teaching Science classes in English. So she speaks English, she´s very smart and sweet, and she´s also beautiful. She´s caring and considerate, and–get this!–her family has a COFFEE FARM! I didn´t even know that there was such a thing as coffee farms! It´s like saying her family owns a Unicorn Ranch or an Enchanted Forest. I mean, obviously coffee has to come from somewhere, but I always assumed that God just made a personal delivery every week to some docks in New Jersey or something. But wow–a coffee farm! Anyhow, Ángela´s probably the Most Amazing Girl In The World, and in my opinion, we make a great couple. The place she lives is great, too. On clear days, you can see both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts! The picture above is of a sunset in Berlin, taken from her driveway. Maybe you can see the Pacific ocean and the Guanacaste peninsula…

Here´s a picture of Ángela posing in front of coffee…coffee as far as the eye can see!

The hills are steep in Berlin, so the all-terrain cows are equipped to deal with the topography.

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4 thoughts on “Update 3 – The Other Berlin

  1. Hi Ryan

    I agree with Kristen, she is very cute! Hope you are happy! Not another chapter to our soap!


  2. Maj: Thanks!
    Kristen: Thanks, sorta. Keep in mind my mom reads this blog, though. But don´t worry, I don´t want no messed up babies, either!

  3. Hey Ryan,
    Fun to read about your adventures!! Don’t forget to bring back some of this great coffee to us!!

    The Group in Sedona

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