I know I’ve not updated the blog for a while, but I’ve been pretty busy lately. For a few weeks there, I was frantically watching seasons 3-6 of Smallville in order to get them back to my friend Angie, who was going to be transferred to Moravia (which is east of San Jose…Costa Rica…I’m pretty sure the original Moravia is somewhere in the Czech Republic). I got all of the seasons watched, and it’s probably good that I’m off it now, since everything was starting to turn Smallville on me. First I started thinking of trying to get an internship at an English-speaking newspaper—just like Chloe did! Then my sister Diana started running a coffee shop—just like Lana did! And then my grandma broke her leg and had to go to a physical rehabilitation center—just like Lana did! (And we can only hope that Grandma, unlike Lana, didn’t meet any psychos named Adam who turned out to actually be a dead guy who was resuscitated through the means of Luthorcorp’s shady Kryptonite rock testing…you didn’t, did you Grandma?) Anyhow, thanks again to Angie, who helped me and Angela kill a couple weeks of free time, as well as countless bags of microwave popcorn.
Also, our house construction has been advancing slowly but slowly, and that takes up a lot of our “free” time. You can follow this link to see the latest pictures, which I just put up today. And finally, I was also pretty busy for a week or two back there because I really got into using the exercise bike while reading “Memoirs of a Geisha.” Oh crap, did I just say that shit out loud? Better check…let’s see…MIA because of Smallville…house construction…Geisha. Dammit. I did say it. And I did read it. But hey, we can’t read “War and Peace” all the time, now can we?
In any case, here are a few recent pictures to keep you coming back for more:

A palm tree.

They’ve started putting up some of the windows in our house.

This picture is from last weekend, when we went to Angela’s sister Teresa’s house. Their cat had kittens, and they offered us one. We’re thining of taking it, and while the kittens spend more time with their mother, we’re in the final stage of negotiations, which include coming up with a good name (I’m voting for “Han Solo Junior”).

Angela just has a…way…with cats.

Just look at this cute little shit!

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5 thoughts on “Update

  1. You got to EPA! *highs five* (not because of my shitty directions, that’s for sure) Glad to read the construction is going good. The kitten is so cute, though as you know, I’m not a big fan of felines. Oh, did I mention we got a brand new, mean, awesome copy machine in Moravia? :p Man, you and the Canadian fellow need to get your butts here and check out our new place.

  2. Angie,
    A new copy machine, plus luxury coffee? And I’m drinking this sludge they give us in Heredia? Man, I hate you Moravians.
    I would like to come visit, but if the directions were anything like the ones you gave us to EPA, I might never make it…
    Thanks for reading, by the way. I think you’re the only one who actually reads all my blogs (except my mom).

  3. Annie,
    I’d mail you one, but knowing the postal service here, it’d be long gone by the time it got to you… even if I poked holes in the box.

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