Two (More?) Reasons I’m A Bad Person

It occurred to me while I was driving the bus today that although I like pretty much any type of music, there are at least a few songs that I absolutely loathe. And loathing two particular songs probably makes me a hateful, evil person, but I don’t care. One song is “One Love,” by Bob Marley, and the other is “Imagine,” by John Lennon. I know, they’re the last generation’s two biggest anthems of love and inclusiveness and other shit like that. And I’m all for those things, but let’s face it: those two songs have had the shit co-opted out of them over the years, and it’s nearly impossible for me to hear either song and think of its original message. From any random charity organization or heartfelt television montage (for “Imagine”), to dip-shitted college students and even the Jamacian tourism board’s commercials (for “One Love”), the overuse of these songs have made them musical shadows of their former, shining selves.
Plus, musically-speaking, both of these songs kind of blow.
Hmm…it occurred to me just now that these two musicians both died within six months of each other. Maybe the widespread love of these two songs is just due to the public’s need to make sense of the artists’ untimely deaths. But both artists had much better songs. John had “Instant Karma and…oh, I don’t know, how about all the songs by THE BEATLES??” And Bob had so many good songs it makes me want to crap my pants.
I don’t know.
So I guess I’m a bad person. So be it.
Or maybe I’m just pissy because I have a big paper due in less than two days, and I’m beginning to freak out about it.
This verdict could really go either way…

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One thought on “Two (More?) Reasons I’m A Bad Person

  1. That’s just one of the facts of life. Songs get overplayed all the time, and that’s most of the reason why a lot of kids have a bad taste in music. They only hear the singles on cds, which are usually the most mindless of the bunch, and are the closest to the required length for a radio single.

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